Inspiration of a Fashion Designer

For the highly engaged fashionistas, each season starts with the question: which trends will become a hit this season “hippie chic, victorian inspired era, transparency, fishnets, retro, 60’s, or grunge etc.” Fashion designers, however; want to appeal to the fashion world and the journalists. They want to be accepted. They are creators. Sometimes, they are inspired by history, works of art, regular people, or even by numbers, tech languages, codes.. just like Martin Margiela.

What one designer accomplished has never been a pure innovation. He radically went where no one has gone before.

Martin Margiela was purely in search for an identity while using a variety of textiles, optical illusions, and technologies. He was definitely unique in uncovering and  identitying his creations according to an early tech language: so cool! He went for an aesthetic and encoded ‘Lo-Fi, Sci-Fi with a Hi-Fi finish’: The Maison Margiela 5AC derives its name from Internet ‘133t speak’, an early tech language which encodes the French word ‘sac’ (meaning bag). Not only this, but he also opted for the creation a pair of high heeled sandals when they are actually open toe booties.

White: Whites dominate his designs. Not only it is such a pure and angelic color but it is also a color that goes with just about anything.

Anonymity: Margiela has only a few pictures of himself in the press. It is a clever and innovative move that keeps his audience hungry for him.

Innovation: Not only does he strive for innovation, but also extreme practicality and usefulness as he plays with pockets, hides buttons, and strives for simple perfection. Margiela also created a collection called artisanal. This collection rests on handmade crafts but also hippie chic.

Margiela is living proof that luxury does not have to be exactly what other companies are doing: luxury can still be protected.


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