The Tale of Stones

In recent years, luxury companies began getting in touch with the society. For example: LVMH created a museum where a variety of artwork from international artists can be seen. In order to appeal to diverse communities and nationalities, luxury and fashion companies employ global trends woven into their products and services. However, high jewellery company, Chaumet did something entirely different. Having opened a museum in the middle of Place Vendome in 2015, they announced the opening of “Promenade Bucolique” or “The Country Walk”.

The museum illustrates the story of Chaumet inspired from the romantic era into the 1900’s. Through the tour, everything glistens and shines more than a million light. Angel wings were designed in the form of brooches, crowns, or both (some designs can be altered to serve as a brooch or a crown at the same time). Wings taken from the legend Minerva and Mercury, were designed to symbolise strength and a woman of character for which love creates wings. Wings also symbolise virtue, peacefulness, and lightness.



Towards the end of the tour, a photo of a married couple is posted: Xiaming Huang and Angela Yeung Huang “Angelababy.” During the mega event, the bride wore two crowns of princess Josephine along with the necklace and a brooch. The necklace, “collier serre-cou à forme”, created in 1906, is made of platinum and diamonds woven together into a choker. One of the crowns, known as “Diadème Cerviligne”, is made of pearls and diamonds interlacing ribbons. The pearls symbolise the God of beauty Venus.


The pop-up expo of Chaumet is a sensible way to communicate with societies inviting people to concretely enter the world of roman history, legends, and rituals. Finally, a jewel is not sought after to portray affluence. One might even say: the jewel portrays the strength of one’s feelings.


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