You Got An Extra Large?

In fashion, models representing the brands are slim and slender. However, even though models are in shape onstage, this phenomenon is starting to change.

The journal of American Medicine published that 35% of Americans are obese; whereas, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) found that 40% of french are either overweight or obese.



In 2007, Mika, a brilliantly popular british artist, started with a song called: Big Girl.

In 2014, Sia lauched a song: Big Girls Cry. Sia explains that human beings, whether they are larger than regular people, are sensitive.

A friend said to me that there’s going to be a trend towards big people. This was already there in the rap circle but it was not that mainstream. In 2015, Elle King launches Ex’s & Oh’s In 2016, Megan Trainor launches her song “No” Megan dressed in black leather corset, fishnets, leather boots. Meghan is not only saying that she is powerful, beautiful, attractive, and representing. She is confident. She is frank in expressing herself  especially if they are shocking. In her song she says: My name is No. My sign no. She is composed, confident, and unshakeable.

(Please find the lyrics and respective links at the bottom of my article.

During an internship at an Italian luxury maison, clothes, shoes, even accessories were mainly provided for XS to M sizes. XL sizes were rarely provided. At this store, tall men were not able to find their shoe size. This means famous Basket Ball players or even tall people or tall models would be unable to find their size.

With the democratisation of luxury brands and the internationalisation of stores on a global scale, will luxury brands realise that all people of all sizes can be interested in purchasing a luxury product?

During this age, the most important trend is for companies to respond to customer expectations no matter how transformational, diverse and different they are. Every day, millions of brands are getting online. Competition is fierce. Competition is merciless. Companies who are not accepting change are dying down. The only companies that will make it are those responding to customer’s habits, tastes, adjustments. Before, we only saw that skinny people could make it as pop artists. Now, Sony proved that people of all sizes can make it. Meghan Trainor and Elle King are living proof. Will luxury and fashion companies accommodate large sizes? Because even tall or plus-sized people have a need to shop.

Since spending habits are indirectly proportional to the person’s waist size and that consumers have increased their spending habits, retail companies need to accommodate for their clients and forecast new findings in order to simplify their lifestyle.

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