What You Really Need To Shoe

Shoes have the power to make a person look stylish, in trend, or even fashion conscious. Quality, textile, fabric, color, tone and inspiration evolved enormously throughout the years that fashion designers are still inspired by the history of fashion. The history of movements were so important (Grunge, greek, 90’s, 70’s etc.) For example, Spring Summer 2016 is all about the 60’s: exaggerated sleeves, transparencies, off-the-shoulder tops, and graphic accessories.  For this year a selection of shoes is here to choose from: Charlotte Olympia, Salvatore Ferragamo, Philip Lim, Christopher Kane. Laces, bright colours, and animal prints are trending.

Women and men want strive to be in trend. But those who demand fashionable and comfort is a challenge. A small selection was chosen to uncover heels for the trend-conscious:


chris kane

Christopher Kane, English designer, is inspired by abstraction and originality. For this season his inspiration with the Grunge movement and irony was reflected in his shoe collection.



Charlotte Olympia

A playful twist on Hollywood Classics: Charlotte Olympia works on color, leopard prints, meticulous details. Do not skip the bridal and To Dye For collection. Other collections include: Cosmic, Incy, Encore and Tailor Made. One can find her designs online Harrods, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, On Pedder, Isetan, Printemps and Beymen.


Phillip Lim

Phillip Lim created beautiful designs adopting a greek style. These styles are not difficult to wear. The beige tone revives any outfit one puts on. Not only this but the style looks great even with pants. The model wears them in black.

Phillip Lim


Salvatore Ferragamo, a unique designer the media hardly talks about, collaborated with artist Edgardo Osorio to make his polka dot collection. Made of kork, this ballet flat is all about polka dots and a hint of fairytale with an original design. His style is extremely glossy, with a clean savoir-faire. The knot has always been the signature of the brand.





There is a fine line between being on trend or dressed in a costume. The key to success is to look in the mirror and ask: “Do I look effortlessly well-dressed for this occasion?”


To learn more about the English designer, Christopher Kane, please follow this link.

To learn more about Salvatore Ferragamo, please follow this link

To learn more about Charlotte Olympia, please follow this link

To learn more about Phillip Lim, please follow this link



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